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Specialist in gazpachos


At Biosabor we wanted to combine our expertise in producing ecological products with investment in scientific research carried out in various laboratories and designated centres (check reports on the health channel) to develop our lines of pre-packaged food.

Based on scientific evidence and focussed on providing value –added benefits such as contributing to the health of our customers, we developed a very special line of Gazpachos based on the traditional Gazpacho recipe (the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean diet).  And if that wasn´t enough, we use ecological ingredients which we make ourselves including extra virgin olive oil. We are conscious of the need to make our products accessible to our customers and easy to use no matter what stage in life they are.

The secret of our Gazpachos lies in the synergistic combination of our ecological ingredients, especially potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene which possess high levels of antioxidants which increase even after digestion thanks to our extra virgin olive oil (study carried out by AINIA, health channel)

At Biosabor we offer you a gazpacho for every occasion and we invite you to discover a new world of ecological flavours which will nurture your health whenever you like; as an aperitif  why not try the Andalusian Gazpacho, or the Traditional Gazpacho instead of a salad at lunchtime ?  Our Fresh Gazpacho is perfect tonic after doing physical exercise.  The Winter Gazpacho makes an excellent low-calorie supper for those who want to look after their health without missing a meal. For people who are intolerant to gluten we have the gluten-free Gazpacho and Gazpacho Fresh. The Gazpacho low salt version is ideal for those who have to watch their intake of salt.

Gazpacho Ecológico Biosabor

Tradicional Gazpacho

This is the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean diet. A healthy cocktail or a liquid salad are a few ways of calling this gazpacho. Our recipe has been designed to include all the healthiest ecological vegetables from our Mediterranean diet in order to offer you the perfect combination of flavour and health. The traditional gazpacho is based on a traditional recipe which most tastes would agree that is the closest to a homemade gazpacho.  Of course, with the added benefit that each and every ingredient is ecological even the extra virgin olive oil.

Gazpacho Ecológico Fresh Biosabor (sin gluten)

Gazpacho Fresh gluten free

Ideal for those who want to enjoy the flavour of Gazpacho but who are allergic or intolerant to gluten. It´s also an excellent tonic after doing physical exercise a good thirst quencher and ideal for replacing lost minerals and counteracting the effects of oxidation.

As well as being gluten free it satisfies hunger without making you feel bloated.

Gazpacho low in salt

At a certain age there comes a moment in life when we have to look after our hearts, depending on our life-style this time will come sooner or later and we will be advised to watch our salt intake.  Our gazpacho is especially designed so that you can carry on enjoying the health benefits of gazpacho whilst looking after your heart. In addition lycopene, one of the main constituent of the tomato, protects against heart disease.

It´s perfect for the elderly when looking after ourselves is key in determining our quality of life in the coming years. Not only due to its nutritious formula but for its ease of use and preparation.

Winter gazpacho

How can such a wholesome, nutritious and tasty dish such as gazpacho be confined to summer? Perhaps our health expires in autumn?  Our Gazpacho aims to debunk myths and put our health first all year round. The recipe we use has been enriched with seasonal ecological ingredients such as; pumpkin, courgette, carrot and broccoli. It can be drunk cold or hot depending on the season.

This gazpacho is ideal for dieters as its calorie content is much lower than that of a homemade juice. It leaves you feeling fuller for longer with the benefit of supplying vitamins which are absent from most diets. Highly recommended for a healthy, nutritious, and low-calorie supper.

Gazpacho gluten free 500 ml

A traditional Mediterranean liquid salad made with our own ecological vegetables; tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, vinegar and ecological extra virgin olive oil, with the added benefit of being gluten free. Its 500ml format is ideal for a single serving.

Its single serving format is ideal for any time of day, in between meals, as a snack or just before supper.

Andalusian Gazpacho

Experience the taste of our Mediterranean diet, made with our own ecological vegetables; tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, bread and ecological extra virgin olive oil.  The main characteristic of this dish is the intense flavour of the tradition gazpacho.

It is the perfect partner for a dish like paella or soupy rice, it´s ideal for those who prefer an intense flavour.

“An ecological Biosabor gazpacho for any occasion” The most healthy and delicious drink for any time of day and for any stage in life.


Made with a typical Cordoban recipe, this Andalusian cold cream soup is made of our special ecological vegetables; tomato, cucumber, pepper, bread and ecological extra virgin olive oil.

Ideal as a main dish for the whole family.  It can be served in the traditional way with chunks of cured ham and grated boiled egg, but we also recommend that you try it with some chunks of tofu, a bit of celery and crispy fried onions.