Companies are people, and this is the fundamental premise which has enabled Biosabor to become one of the companies most valued by its staff in the fruit and vegetable sector.  Due to our on-going concern for the well-being and quality of life of our staff we are pioneers in ensuring that our production units have the most modern facilities which enable our staff to have excellent working conditions and the ability to combine work with family life.

The Biosabor headquarters has 300 employees and its facilities are focussed on providing the highest quality working conditions possible; rest areas inside and outside, a canteen with our own kitchen offering set menus for staff, changing rooms, showers and sports areas.

Rest breaks are taken every two and a half hours.  The operating area where the production lines are have air-conditioning and extremely high levels of natural light. We ensure that we provide a high-level of safety for our staff as such we´ve taken all measures possible to avoid occupational hazards – there is even a defibrillator available, making us a heart-friendly company.

Almost all of our production facilities , nearly 200 hectares, have accommodation so staff can bring their families and be more comfortable as they are nearer to work, allowing them to do household chores, cook and eat at home and look after their children.

In this company we are proud to have employees who are motivated, committed and willing to work to high standards in each one of our production processes, this is what make Biosabor a highly stable company. We are not just an ecological company because we don´t use chemicals – it´s a way of life for us; we are an ecological company because we make a sustainable use of the environment, we care about our surroundings, our staff and we care about people and our society.