Privacy Policy

Biosabor complies with the current legislation on the protection of data of a personal nature. This is established in the document entitled Protection of Data of a Personal Nature and is available to all customers.

Biosabor S.A.T is located in Ctra San Jose km2 en San Isidro de Nijar, Almeria CP 04117 CIF VO4655270

File ownsership

The file is incorporated in the data of personal nature collected under Personal Data. This data belongs to Biosabor and can be found in the Contacts section.

Collection of data

Biosabor collects Personal Data from users of the website via printouts and forms on the web. Biosabor guarantees that all personal data collected is adequate and enough and always in relation to the files created. By filling in the printouts and forms the owner is giving their consent for them to be collected under the Personal Data files held and managed by Biosabor S.A.T, guaranteeing their owner that the personal data supplied is true and ensuring they are responsible for communicating any changes made.

Purpose of data processing

The collection and management of Personal Data by Biosabor, the `contacts´ file is used for the purpose of managing contacts and requests for information via the web.

Rights of access, modification and cancelation

The owners of the data have the right to exercise their right to access, cancel, modify their Personal Data maintained by Biosabor.

They have the following rights:

Right to access data contained in the Personal Data files.

Right to cancel data in the Personal Data files.

Right to modify incorrect or incomplete data.

The owner can approach the person in charge of the files at any time and exercise their rights. The person in charge will check the identity of the owner from a photocopy of their DNI and will give a deadline for the information to be released according to the legislation.

The address of the person in charge of the files is: Biosabor S.A.T is  Ctra San  Isidro 8km, Almeria CP 04117

Security measures

Biosabor S.A.T has adopted high levels of security according to the legislation in effect for the protection of Personal Data received.  The company shall make all reasonable effort in the processing of data to ensure that its unlawful copying, destruction, unauthorised access, stealing or modification of the data does not take place.

Modification of our policy

Biosabor reserves the right to modify the current policies, adapting it to changes in legislation. Users are responsible for checking the policy from time to time for any changes.

Intellectual and industrial property

Intellectual property rights contained in the web pages, the graphic design and codes are under the ownership of Biosabor SAT.  As such their unlawful, reproduction, distribution, public broadcast and modification are strictly prohibited except for personal and private use. Equally, all the business names, brand names and symbols of any kind contained in the web pages of BIOSABOR SAT are protected by law.

Web content and links

Biosabor SAT will not be held responsible for the misuse of the contents of its web pages, this being the exclusive responsibility of the user.

Biosabor SAT will not be responsible for the information contained in third party websites which can be accessed via links or the search facilities from the web pages of Biosabor SAT.

The presence of links in the Biosabor website are merely for informative purposes and under no circumstances constitute a suggestion, invitation or recommendation of any kind.

Technical information

Biosabor will not be held responsible for any damage or risk which may arise from the interference, omission, interruption, computer virus, telephone breakdowns, intentional modification, and disconnection in the functional operation of the electronic system caused by factors beyond the control of Biosabor SAT. Delays, blockages in the electronic system caused by deficiency or overload to the data lines in the Central Processing Unit of the host company the Internet or other electronic systems or damage caused by third parties beyond the control of Biosabor SAT.

Biosabor will not be held responsible for any damage or risk caused to the user as a result of errors, defects, or omissions in the information provided by Biosabor SAT providing that they were beyond the control of Biosabor.