At Biosabor, we are focussed on the quality of our products and we carry out checks on them before, during and after their production.

From the moment our products leave our premises to when they arrive at home, anything could happen to them such as, damage during transportation or while they are on the supermarket shelves or on the way to the customer´s house.

What sould I do if I find a damaged product?

If you are a consumer of our products whether fresh or pre-packaged and you notice an abnormality in the product, we recommend that you contact our quality control department as soon as possible so the matter can be resolved quickly.

Answer from the Quality Control Departament at Biosabor.

In the first instance, when you find a damaged product you should not eat it.  If possible keep an un-used sample of the product and inform Biosabor (a photo with the expiry date and batch number helps a lot).  Our technicians will then begin to analyse other products of the same batch to find out if there was a problem with the quality of the batch.

The customer can also contact the supermarket where problem occurred to see if they can get their money back.  The supermarket will then inform us.  This process is usually takes longer to solve a problem.


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